About Marsky


Marcia Schectman, or Marsky as she is affectionately known by friends,

is a Los Angeles, California-based travel agent. She loves seeing the world and has been in the travel business for over 28 years doing both corporate and leisure travel.

Involved with planning singles cruises for over 25 years, Marsky has been on hundreds of cruises. Her knowledge of the business helps create detail-oriented, organized and fun vacations that have been known to invoke lifetime friendships – and sometimes even love red_heart.

Singles Cruises by Marsky is not only your one-stop-shop for a great cruise. Marsky is also a full-service travel agent, available to help you with any travel needs. Ask about her great rates on land tours, family vacations, train tickets, negotiated airfares, negotiated hotel rates, special amenities, as well as any other vacation needs.